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About Us

Micah Brenda Ronquillo, a full time graphic artist, a freelancer and the owner of this online store, was first to sell different designs of the USB flash drive to her office mates in Quezon City. Finding it hard to sell all the remaining flash drives to her officemates, she decided to sell it online.

 Micah named her store the Sarisari Store Online, because the items she is selling  sarisari design of flash drives. The Store began to appear on the internet in October 2011, through the help of a free Philippine ad-posting site, sulit.com.ph.

At first, Micah had no idea how she could market and sell her product online because the local mind set was, ‘bahala na kung mabili o hindi’, or ‘it’s up to the individual to buy.’ Luckily, in a few weeks though, all the flash drives sold, and Micah still gets product inquires from other individuals and companies.

Since then, the Sarisari Online Store continually posts the same sale items online, until they upgrade to a product that will give her more opportunity to reach companies in metro Manila, Cebu, and some part of Mindanao.

Now days,  Sarisari Store Online is continually searching for different products that it will able to market, at the same time  making it easier for Filipino consumers to purchase items online. Micah likes to point out, “as we grow, we would like to focus more on personalized products, souvenir, promotional items, corporate giveaways, and we are very open to cater for the whole Philippine market; no matter where a person or a company is.”